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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Jeggings: An Update

According to MTV 10 at 10 that aired today, jeggings were the top fashion trend of 2010. Yeah. Top fashion trend. What's even more ridiculous is that the show also revealed that $170 million was spent on jeggings in the United States alone. It seems that every season, year, decade, etc there's a fashion trend that just makes us all either love it or go "seriously?!" For 2010, this is that trend. For my trial with and opinion on jeggings, please read my blog post below. And feel free to post your opinions. :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Minnie Muse: Forever 21's best idea yet

I have a confession to make: I am a huge, huge fan of Minnie Mouse. By huge fan, I mean I have lingering memories of dressing up in full costume-red and white polka dot dress and sometimes mouse ears, no shoes-as a six year old. I also have to confess that I have a borderline obsession with Forever 21 based on their great basics and high fashion take on cheap chic. So when I decided to browse the Forever 21 website as I usually do and discovered that they were launching their Minnie Muse collection inspired by my all-time favorite Disney character, you can imagine that I got very excited. And one look at the collection online did not disappoint: I saw a wonderland of Minnie Mouse sequin shirts, cardigans, sweatpants, hoodies, and -my personal favorite-accessories. Usually I'm not a fan of the crazy over-the-top references due to my fear of them looking too cheap. But I'm certainly a fan of the boyfriend cardigan with the mouse icon and pink bow, the rosette earmuffs that function as warm and totally chic, the fun thigh high socks, and the Minnie Mouse and heart reversible scarf. I absolutely love the scarf because 1) I have a thing for scarves, especially as it gets colder and 2) Minnie Mouse and hearts. Enough said. There are other things I love at Forever 21 right now as well but that's beside the point: Basically, if anyone reads this and is wondering what I may want for Christmas this year, I can happily say that now you know. As the weather gets chillier and heavy winter coats and trenches become the norm, it's nice to know that Forever 21 is reminding us of how fun fashion really can be. And I can't wait to go shopping over winter break and indulge in being a six-year-old once more. :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Jeggings: New Fashion Trend or Crime?

I definitely should have written this about two months ago, but here goes: So one day over the summer I was hanging out at the mall with my sister and I noticed that just about every store there (with the exception of H +M and Forever 21) was advertising jean leggings, denim leggings, or, simply, jeggings. As a fashion enthusiast and consumer I was curious about the new trend, so my sister and I decided that we would research this new trend the next time we came to the mall. And by research, I mean actually tried on this new fashion do, which was recently sported by Halle Berry. To accomplish this daunting task I took pictures at every store that had jeggings and then, the real test came: Levi's skinny jeans versus jeggings at Macy's. We decided to try both on to see, really, what the difference was between the two. After trying them both on we came to the following conclusion: jeggings are basically skinnier skinny jeans. They may be called jean leggings, but here's my take: Leggings are far more comfortable and breathable than jeans, so it makes no sense to call them "jean leggings". Instead, jeggings should really be superskinny jeans squared (apparently superskinny was already taken). So unless you have a lot of guts and are very, very thin, my advice on jeggings: Proceed with caution.

Here are some pictures of our jegging escapade, along with a consolation prize of cheesecake afterward:


Saturday, May 29, 2010

What up Carrie Bradshaw :)

Welcome to my first post on my style blog! I've been wanting to start this up ever since I knew style blogs existed (which was last year, aka a long while ago).With this being Memorial Day weekend I decided the time was right to start now so I can get a foot in the fashion industry. Better yet, "Sex and the City 2" just premiered in theaters Thursday, so what better way to kick off the Sunshine Fierce blog than to show photos of the four extrafabulous and super-fierce stars of the movie at the New York and London premieres? Kristin Davis (Charlotte) looks simply gorgeous in vintage pink Jean Desses in New York and is divine in gold Norman Lorell in London. Kim Cattrall (Samantha) is as ferocious as her character in gilded Naeem Khan in NYC and in black Thierry Mugler in London. Cynthia Nixon (Miranda) is fabulous in black Carolina Herrera in NYC and in green Narisco Rodriguez in London. All the ladies are wearing the most famous shoes in fashion- Ferragamo, Jimmy Choo, flawless Christian Louboutin, and let's not forget Manolo Blahnik, which is synonymous with the original TV series the movie is based on. Then there's Sarah Jessica Parker, aka SJP,aka Carrie Bradshaw. She is one of the ultimate fashion icons and unquestionably the most daring of the cast when it comes to style, so I was definitely excited to see what she was going to wear. This screen siren and superflapper (as my favorite magazine "Vogue" deemed her when she graced the May cover) certainly did not disappoint: She rocked a fantastically bright neon Valentino gown in NYC and a perfect homage to Alexander McQueen that would make the late designer proud along with an over-the-top Philip Treacy hat. But I digress, let me let these photos that I found on Google Images speak for themselves:

NYC premiere:


Sorry the pics aren't here, I'm having some technical difficulties at the moment. Anyway, I'm dying to see the movie itself, even though the reviews aren't so great-plus the fact that one of my really close girl friends from college saw the movie with several of her co-workers and told me the movie sucked. However I've seen some statuses on my news feed saying the movie's awesome, which gives me some hope. Any thoughts?