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Saturday, May 29, 2010

What up Carrie Bradshaw :)

Welcome to my first post on my style blog! I've been wanting to start this up ever since I knew style blogs existed (which was last year, aka a long while ago).With this being Memorial Day weekend I decided the time was right to start now so I can get a foot in the fashion industry. Better yet, "Sex and the City 2" just premiered in theaters Thursday, so what better way to kick off the Sunshine Fierce blog than to show photos of the four extrafabulous and super-fierce stars of the movie at the New York and London premieres? Kristin Davis (Charlotte) looks simply gorgeous in vintage pink Jean Desses in New York and is divine in gold Norman Lorell in London. Kim Cattrall (Samantha) is as ferocious as her character in gilded Naeem Khan in NYC and in black Thierry Mugler in London. Cynthia Nixon (Miranda) is fabulous in black Carolina Herrera in NYC and in green Narisco Rodriguez in London. All the ladies are wearing the most famous shoes in fashion- Ferragamo, Jimmy Choo, flawless Christian Louboutin, and let's not forget Manolo Blahnik, which is synonymous with the original TV series the movie is based on. Then there's Sarah Jessica Parker, aka SJP,aka Carrie Bradshaw. She is one of the ultimate fashion icons and unquestionably the most daring of the cast when it comes to style, so I was definitely excited to see what she was going to wear. This screen siren and superflapper (as my favorite magazine "Vogue" deemed her when she graced the May cover) certainly did not disappoint: She rocked a fantastically bright neon Valentino gown in NYC and a perfect homage to Alexander McQueen that would make the late designer proud along with an over-the-top Philip Treacy hat. But I digress, let me let these photos that I found on Google Images speak for themselves:

NYC premiere:


Sorry the pics aren't here, I'm having some technical difficulties at the moment. Anyway, I'm dying to see the movie itself, even though the reviews aren't so great-plus the fact that one of my really close girl friends from college saw the movie with several of her co-workers and told me the movie sucked. However I've seen some statuses on my news feed saying the movie's awesome, which gives me some hope. Any thoughts?


  1. I know we haven't met but we are facebook friends and we do go to CNU together. I just wanted to let you know that I'm in the exact same boat as you and I'm thinking about starting my own blog I'm just trying to find some pieces of inspiration to get me started. Congrats on your first post and I can not wait to read more in the future!


  2. Thanks so much Ivet! Your input really means a lot and I'm glad to know that you're in the same boat as me! I actually remember seeing you at formal recruitment earlier this year and running for class council; how have we not hung out yet?! :)

  3. i have no idea! I don't remember seeing you at formal recruitment, but we should definitely hang out sometime once we're down at school. Did you end up joining a sorority?

    I've finally made a blog, hope you check it out!


  4. unfortunately i didn't, but my friend and I are doing informal when we get back to school and I totally agree, we should definitely hang out! :)

  5. ohh that should be exciting! which one are you looking into? let me know when you're moving back down to CNU and we can grab some lunch or something! have a great summer!