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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Need to know what to wear with the weather? There's an app for that.

If you're anything like me, you probably spend too much time on weather.com trying to plan your outfits for the day, or in my case for the whole week. You also probably get annoyed that weather.com seems to change its mind a lot on what the weather actually is, therefore throwing off whatever you planned on wearing. But fear not, weather-minded fashionistas, I finally found the answer to our prayers last night and its name is swackett.com. Swackett is slang for "sweater, jacket or coat" and true to its name, it features the weather (including Accuweather.com data feed for you weather junkies) and "peeps"(thoroughly crafted people symbols) who always appear appropriately dressed for the weather. For example, on a hot day like this you'll find the peeps in light clothes who even remember to bring sunscreen and a sun hat. To make the weather more entertaining, peeps can be dressed for the 1950s, the British Invasion, and even as characters from Star Trek. Swackett.com is available as an app for Macs and on Iphones and will soon run on an IPod Touch and an IPad, so you can get your weather and plan your outfit anywhere at any time. In short, swackett.com is the perfect solution for those of us with hectic schedules and a massive class and work load who need weather fast so we know what to wear, and it's a miracle for the style and weather-conscious.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Style Icons and how to get their look

Summer 2011 is winding down, and it's hard to believe that I'll be leaving for my third year of college in 3 weeks. So I've decided to talk about a few of the fierce fashionistas who are inspiring my end of summer/start of fall 2011 wardrobe. They're all gorgeous and fabulous, and I can't wait to share my current obsessions with you:

I've blogged about Anne Hathaway before to admire her wardrobe choices for Paris Fashion Week. But I'm officially obsessed with this dress and oversized sunglasses she rocked while on a yacht with her boyfriend Adam Shulman a couple weeks ago. It's so simple and classic, Jackie O would be proud. You can make Anne's look your own with oversized sunglasses and a fabulous day dress-I'd suggest shopping at H&M and Forever 21 for that quirky feminine feeling. Totally gorgeous right?
I've also talked about Ashley Olsen before, but I'm just as love with this black t-shirt and jean shorts combo from 2007 as I am with the Parisian-inspired look from a few weeks ago. It just looks like she picked a black t-shirt and shorts out of her closet and just went about her day. She has some classic aviators, a chic watch and old school Keds to compliment her casual basics, but what really makes the look is her big, black Prada headband-so Brigitte Bardot! Recreate the look by picking a basic black t-shirt from any cheap chic store and Levis jean shorts, then adding classic accessories like a watch, aviators, and black handbag, and twisting it with Keds or Converse sneakers and a bold accessory like Ashley's headband.
You may or may not have heard of Clemence Poesy before, but if she looks familiar you've probably seen her as Fleur Delacore in the fourth and last two Harry Potter movies. She really has that je ne sais quoi that French women have where they can get away with wearing pretty much anything. This is my favorite look of hers from back in 2007 or 2008. It's a perfect classic tomboyish look that Marlene Dietrich would totally covet right down to the fedora. You can rock this too by looking for tailored, menswear-inspired blazers, classic button-downs, skinny practical pants, a fedora, and menswear-inspired shoes with a fierce heel. Once again I recommend H &M and Forever 21 to get the look...I just did some shopping there a few weeks ago, and did very well at both places. I'll share my purchases with you in later posts. :)

Whose look do you admire? Sound off in the comments before :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Carrie Bradshaw: Sex and the Fashionista

I'm not here to tell you what fashion magazine you should read, but in my not-so-humble opinion Vogue is the fashion bible of all fashion magazines. I'm also a diehard fan of Sex and the City thanks to reruns on E!, so I have yet to be disappointed by any combination of the two. So in honor of SATC star and fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker's latest August 2011 Vogue cover, here are a few of my favorite looks from my all-time favorite fashionista (other than Kate Moss), the fearless and unapologetic Ms. Carrie Bradshaw:

1) I'm beyond obsessed with the daring blush pink dress Carrie wore to recite her poem at a friend's wedding in Season 2. I've never seen anyone wear a look like this to a wedding and pull it off, but that's exactly what I love about Carrie: she takes risks when everyone else plays it safe, and those risks are almost always worth taking. I really hope that one day I can wear a dress just like this.
2) Season 3 is almost my favorite season for Carrie's fashion, and that's mostly because it was the season of corsages. Carrie rocked these corsages with just about everything from LBDs (like the fierce pleather one above) to basic tank tops and trousers, and they're really a great way to add some fun and color to a simple look. Thanks to Carrie I'm definitely inspired to infuse some floral adornments and fun accessories in my wardrobe this coming fall.
3) Carrie was fabulous in all six seasons of SATC, but she really saved her best for last in the 2-part series finale in Paris (!) She wore perfectly streamlined trench coats with winter hats and delightfully fun dresses and Manolos and Louboutins. But my favorite fashion moment from the finale is the big, gorgeous, flawless grey Versace dress. Even though we all knew she and the Russian artist Aleksandr weren't meant to be together at all, it was so much fun to see Carrie look fabulous in the fashion capital of the world and find her prince charming in Mr.Big.

What's your favorite fashion moment from Carrie Bradshaw? Sound off in the comments below or on facebook and twitter.

Emma Watson: Is she magic, or should she disappear?

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good. Now that that's over with, here's a delayed overview of Emma Watson's stunning and daring wardrobe for the final premieres of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. For the London premiere, Emma dazzled in an Oscar de la Renta confection fit for a princess, and she changed for the afterparty into a sweet shorter Elie Saab number with open-toe pumps to show off her Twiggy-like frame. I know it's been a couple weeks, but I'm still in love with Emma's London premiere and afterparty looks because she looked gorgeous and classic at her best. So I was a little bit surprised and even bummed when she showed up to the NYC premiere of the final film wearing a Bottega Venetta dress with a linen bustier and a bronze bottom that looks like an invisibility cloak. In her defense, Emma did say she played it safe in London( though she looked fabulous) and that she took the risk because she considers NYC a fashion capital (50 points for Gryffindor!), and she's a fashionista known for risk-taking (hello pixie cut!). A lot of people may disagree with me and say they loved the NYC look, but whether you loved it or hated it, we all can learn one important thing from Emma Watson's style: a fearless and fierce fashionista takes risks and knows how to have fun with her wardrobe no matter what her size, age, budget, etc. And that is truly magical. Mischief managed.

P.S. What did you think of Emma's fashion choices for the last Harry Potter premieres? Sound off in the comment section or on facebook and twitter. And if you still haven't seen the final movie, get off the couch and GO SEE IT NOW. Yes, it's that important. If you've already seen it, tell me what you think and feel free to manage mischief more than once. :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

An American in Paris..and a Parisian in America?

This week was certainly an exciting and busy week for the fashion world for 3 reasons: 1)Emma Watson's wardrobe choices so far for the photocall and London premiere of the final Harry Potter film, 2)Kate Middleton's flawless-as-usual fashion for her and Prince William's North American tour, and 3) the extravagant week-long event that is Paris Haute Couture. Since I'll be covering Emma's red carpet choices in the next week or so and I've already talked so much about Kate Middleton that it's gotten a bit old, I've decided to move on to Paris Haute Couture, or at least to the Hollywood A-lister who rocked it this week. When I first saw the picture of Anne Hathaway strolling casually around Paris in her dress and red shoes, I had a feeling she would rule the haute couture shows this week. She certainly didn't disappoint when she showed up to the Valentino show in a quirky black dress with sheer polka dot overlay, but the "Princess Diaries" star really looked like royalty when she arrived at a ball wearing vintage Valentino. Anne has had some fashion hits and misses over the years, but her true chamelon style really works, especially in the French capital of fashion. Meanwhile, Ashley Olsen brought a touch of Paris to New York wearing a crisp white button-up shirt, full mid-calf skirt, chic flat sandals, and statement-making Prada sunglasses from the Minimal Baroque collection. I love this look because normally she and twin sister Mary-Kate get a lot of flak for dressing either too grungy or too much like old ladies, but here she gets it totally right. I actually noticed a lot of great outfits from Ashley but this one definitely has a touch of Paris or at least the Upper East Side, and I have a feeling Audrey Hepburn would have loved to wear Ashley's outfit. If you ask me, it doesn't get much more iconic than this image of Ashley in this 1950s-esque style walking her dog in Tribeca. It seems like no matter what goes on in the fashion world, we'll always have Paris.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Another Kate, Another Very Fashionable Wedding

This weekend supermodel and fashion icon Kate Moss married The Kills frontman Jamie Hince after 4 years of being together, and aside from the royal wedding it's the fashion event of the year without question. It's a 3-day fashion spectacular with guests such as Naomi Campbell, Anna Wintour, Stella McCartney, and John Galliano, and filled with outfit changes, including looks by McCartney. But the most controversial look is the wedding dress itself, designed by disgraced designer Galliano, which some bloggers are blasting as too simple and underwhelming. But for me, the dress represents what I love about Kate Moss's style: whether she's glammed up for big events or walking the streets of London in jeans, blazers and over-the-knee boots, her style is easy and 100% effortless, and there's never anything contrived or predictable about what she wears. In the end, Kate Moss truly knows herself, and with that self-knowledge and confidence she is my number one style icon of all time, and I already can't wait to see what she will wear next.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fashion Spotlight: Kate Middleton

I'm sure you've guessed by the title that I'm obsessed with Kate Middleton's style. She's looked fabulous throughout her entire relationship with Prince William, especially after their engagement this past year, and her wedding dress was absolutely flawless. And just when I thought her style couldn't get any better, it appears her fashion sense just got a royal upgrade. This Thursday night she donned a stunning blush pink Jenny Packham gown for the 10th Annual Absolute Return for Kids (ARK) gala in London, and just a couple days later she rocked a simple white coat and fierce black topper for the Queen's official birthday celebration. That same day she wore a perfect black and white dress while her sister Pippa wore a lime green trench coat to the wedding of friends Sam Waley-Cohen and Annabel Ballin. All of these served as Catherine's first official events as the Duchess of Cambridge, and her wardrobe has been looking so fabulous lately that it could give Queen B Blair Waldorf a run for her money. What I really love about Kate is how easy she makes her fashion choices look-it's so breezy, classic and effortless, perfect for a modern royal. If these photos are any indication of what's to come, I can't wait to see what William's princess will wear next.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Sharing from Vogue.com: The Dress

Sharing from Vogue.com

Even with an 8 am final this morning, I couldn't resist the urge to get up a few hours earlier to watch the royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. Yes, the ceremony was beautiful and William and Catherine make a perfect match, but like many others who watched the wedding today, what I was really waiting for was the dress. And Catherine did not disappoint: her dress, the best-kept secret of the royal wedding, meshes tradition with modernity and was designed by none other than Alexander McQueen's creative director Sarah Burton. I've heard a lot about Ms. Burton on the fashion radar since she showed her debut collection for McQueen last fall and her creations have been worn during awards season by celebrities such as Mila Kunis. But this perfect collaboration between the bride and designer is what will have fashionistas everywhere talking, and if they're anything like me, they're probably wishing they will look even half as fabulous as Catherine does when they get married. I know a lot of people have been saying this already but I definitely see a lot of Grace Kelly in Catherine's wedding look, a refreshing take since Diana's over-the-top wedding gown nearly thirty years ago. I'm sure Catherine's dress will go down in fashion history as one of the best, if not the best, wedding gowns of all time. I wish all the happiness in the world for William and Catherine, and I can't wait to see what's in store for the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Birthday Weekend Series, Part 4: Seashell bracelets

At the same Farmers Market where I got that gorgeous adornment by Karin, I also found these hemp bracelets with a seashell attached to each of them. What I love about these bracelets is that not only are they eco-friendly, but their seashells remind me of being home by the beach while I'm at school an hour away. Since I got greedy and bought two of them, I can't wait to give one of these bracelets to my sister and also rock the other one on my birthday tomorrow. The last part of my birthday weekend series is coming up tomorrow, the big day! I can't wait to celebrate my birthday and look fabulous while doing it. Stay fabulous, my friends!

Birthday Weekend Series, Part 3: Adornments by Kamin

H&M LBD, Adornment by Kamin
There are many moments in my fashion history where I either wasn't expecting to get anything or was expecting to find something completely different from what I actually bought, and then I saw something so fabulous that I absolutely had to have it and almost forgot what I actually came for. This Thursday I had one of those moments at the least expected place: the first Farmers Market at CNU. I had originally intended to try out their organic bread and strawberries and the first thing I saw were these intricate fabric adornments that appeared to be flowers, feathers, etc. The gorgeous adornment pictured above is the one I chose out of a collection at Farmers Market, Adornments by Kamin. These one of a kind adornments are perfect for pinning on otherwise minimalist black dresses (such as the H&M LBD pictured above), or on plain t-shirts with jeans like I ended up doing 2 days in a row after buying it. For all you Kate Middleton-inspired fashionistas out there, adornments such as this one can be clipped on your hair or on a big hat as an homage to the upcoming Royal Wedding at the end of this month. For anyone looking to add a pop of color to a basic outfit or monochromatic look, look no further than the Adornments by Kamin. My adornment cost me about $20, and believe me, it's worth every penny. Check out her page on facebook or you can reach her at kamin.brown@gmail.com; as her business card says, she's happy to adorn you!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Birthday Weekend Series, Part 2: Daisy

Yeah, one post just wasn't enough for me tonight so I had to do two. So while we're on the subject of perfumes, I figured I'd discuss my signature scent: Marc Jacobs Daisy. I first tested it out as part of a Sephora sampler of 10 miniscule perfumes I got for Christmas of my senior year of high school and have been in love with it ever since. So much so, I ended up choosing it as the perfume I'd get for free out of the 10 for my 18th birthday. I'm absolutely obsessed with this scent for a few reasons: it perfectly conveys the electric youth and joy of Marc Jacobs' designs, brings me confidence whenever I have something important to do or somewhere to be, and just one spritz makes me so happy that it is enough to turn a not so great day around in a matter of five seconds or less. The woman who wears Daisy is young, fresh, daring, and considers spring her favorite season-kind of like me! Marc Jacobs has another fabulous scent out, Lola, along with his many other perfumes but few hold a candle to my beloved Daisy, seen next to my new Espirit d'Oscar (see post below) at its rightful place in the dead center of the top shelf of my desk.

Birthday Weekend Series, Part 1: Espirit d'Oscar

Hey everyone! So if you couldn't tell by the title, I have a big birthday coming up this weekend and as a tiny part of my celebration I've decided to take time each day of my birthday weekend doing something I love. What could that be, you ask? Blogging about fashion, of course! So I chose to begin my birthday weekend series with a slightly overdue take on a brand new perfume sample I received from the Vogue Influencer Network last week. First, I'll provide some background on the perfume itself: According to the note I found in my package from Oscar de la Renta VP of communications Erika Bearman (@OscarPRGirl on Twitter, http://oscarprgirl.tumblr.com/), de la Renta created his signature fragrance, Oscar, as a "celebration of women, timeless and feminine", in 1977. This fragrance was dreamed up to capture the joy and sophistication of his designs, which I can honestly say are still some of the most sophisticated, ladylike, and chic designs in the fashion world more than thirty years later. My new perfume sample is a modern update on his signature scent given the moniker-you guessed it-Espirit d'Oscar. This spanking new perfume is certainly not a shy one: the scent is loud, bold, and very elegant, and thats with just one little spritz. The woman who will wear Esprit d'Oscar is thoroughly modern, classically ladylike, and most certainly not afraid of getting noticed, especially for her daily fashion choices. It's a perfect scent for the youthful yet very adult classic fashionista, and I'm sure this scent will fly off the shelves when it hits stores soon.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

The gift that keeps on giving

As a rising junior college student, I get a lot of emails about current events at school that may or may not always apply to me. But the most exciting email one can receive at school comes when there is a package waiting in the mailroom. While I've gotten some awesome packages before, this one was probably the most enticing. Last week I was on the Vogue Influencer Network application on facebook as I usually am, and I basically shared my opinions on bags from the Brahmin Summer 2011 collection and was able to request a sample. Today, the sample finally arrived in a massive package that was actually lighter than it appeared. As I cut the package open and to find another box, I rummaged through the sea of tissue and packaging paper inside to find The perfect bag: the Brahmin Anytime Tote. As you can see from the above picture, the name is certainly fitting. Its simple structure and color easily compliment an ensemble for any season, especially the coming spring and summer months. The alligator skinned tote is truly a classic staple that I'm sure will last me many years to come, and I'm so excited to pair this with my outfits in the warmer weather and show this off to my friends and family. I'm thrilled that the search for a summer bag is now over for me, and it really is the gift that keeps on giving-hopefully this Thursday surprise will be a preview for an even more fabulous first weekend of April. :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Levis Ex-Girlfriend Jeans

It's a typical Tuesday morning on spring break and I'm sitting at home watching the Colbert Report. Stephen Colbert has just given his Tip of the Hat and Wag of the Finger segment, and it was the latter portion that really raised my eyebrows: the Ex-Girlfriend jean by Levis. According to the Levis website, the Ex-girlfriend jeans are meant to honor an ex-girlfriend who may have had great style as well as a response to the boyfriend and ex-boyfriend jeans for women. There's just one catch: the ex-girlfriend jeans are so skinny, it's impossible for men-well, most men-to fit into this spray-on fit. Colbert went on to discuss the "skinification" of mens jeans, which I find pretty hilarious. At least women can fit into boyfriend jeans, but it will be interesting to see what kind of guy buys these jeans. In fact, this almost makes the jeggings seem more wearable. There's a funny irony to this: I just bought skinny Levis last week.

Feel free to post your opinions! :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Camp - Love Has Left The Room [Official Music Video]

Love has Left the Room-music video

Hey guys! Sorry about the lack of blog posts recently, I've just been incredibly busy at school. However my dad sent me a music video of "Love Has Left the Room" by A Camp and I had to post it. I have no idea why my dad felt compelled to send it -for the song or the clothes-but the lead singer's outfits are so awe-inspiring that no matter what the reason, you all have to see it. Random fact: I'm pretty sure the lead singer was also in The Cardigans (Lovefool anyone?) :)


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Go Pink or Go Home

You're probably wondering: why is there a picture of hot pink flowers in a black and white photo....on a fashion blog? Well, first off, I love this picture obviously, but this actually started when the same good friend who introduced me to Old Gringo boots (see blog below) asked me what the hot nail polish color is for this month. After a meeting with my good friend Google, I came across an article on the Glamour magazine website that said this month's hot nail color is-wait for it-hot pink. And next thing I knew, I was on a pink rampage. For those who know me, you probably already have figured out that pink is my favorite color. My wall at home was painted pink, so of course it was my destiny to love pink. Going into my room at school, it's hard to find something in my room that isn't pink-pink bed, pink desk lamp, pink alarm clock, pink snuggie (yes, I have a snuggie, don't judge me), etc. Why pink, you ask? Other than the fact that pink is universally known as the quintessential girl's color, I really believe pink speaks to every aspect of my personality: joyful, open, energetic, bold, not afraid to speak my mind, and-you guessed it-fierce. Pink is also a very appropriate color for Valentine's Day this coming Monday, and its bright, fun attitude really makes me want spring and summer back stat. In short, Audrey Hepburn fearlessly proclaimed her belief in pink, and I am happy to join her as a pink believer.

Feel free to post your thoughts as well! What's your favorite color? What color do you believe in and how does it speak to you?

Old Gringo boots: Not for the Plain Janes

If you strictly prefer minimal shoes that stay mute, don't read the rest of this blog. Today, one of my really good friends sent me a picture of these incredibly cute floral cowboy boots. Where did they come from, you ask? These beauties come from Old Gringo, a family business straight out of Mexico. While these boots don't come cheap, you can splurge with a clear conscience since the workers who made these boots are paid very handsomely. And they should be, especially judging by all the little intricate details in every boot. I absolutely love the floral boots for spring, but these boots shown here are fabulous for fall as well. I'd recommend these boots for the daring, fearless bohemian, bold and not above taking risks. As the Spanish would say about these shoes, Que hermosas! :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

TOMS shoes: Glitter for a great cause

For many of us, TOMS shoes are nothing really new. Founded in 2006 by Blake Mycoskie after discovering the substantial lack of shoes provided for children in Argentina, TOMS has been on my fashion radar for a while. You've probably heard of the TOMS club at CNU (or anywhere else it may be available) or One Day Without Shoes (on April 5 this year) where people take their shoes off for one day to raise awareness of the impact shoes can make on a child who needs them. But for those who don't know, the main message of the TOMS movement is that for every pair of shoes you purchase there, TOMS will give a pair of shoes to a child in need. This is known as the One for One movement.
While I heard of the TOMS shoes and had seen some cute shoes from them before, their latest concoction really got my attention recently. Lately I have seen the TOMS glitters shoes on the feet of many a fashionista on campus and adding sparkle to many fabulous outfits. I first noticed these comfy slip-ons in silver and pink(by far my favorite), but they also come in black and gold for women, and some department stores such as Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom sell them in other colors as well and even offer these shoes for kids and men. The shoes ring up at $54-not exactly the cheapest pair in the world-but for the comfort/glamour factor the shoes possess, and of course the long-term reward you will give back to someone else, these shoes will give you more than enough bang for your buck. In fact, I may even look into the pink glitters shoes for myself! So by all means fashionistas, invest in giving to make an impact on a child's well-being and shine on!

For more information on TOMS shoes and their One for One movement, please check out www.toms.com

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sweet Home Alabama, Part 2

Here's another post for the fabulous jewelry. Yes, there was too much fabulousness for just one post..I wonder what Christian Siriano would say about fashion circa 1860? Would it be fierce? A hot mess? Or tick-tack-toe? I'm going with fierce, but let me know what you think. :)

Sweet Home Alabama

Someone once said that inspiration can be found in the least expected places. After my trip to the First White House of the Confederacy in Montgomery,Alabama while on Christmas vacation with my boyfriend, I can say that whoever said that certainly wasn't kidding. Who knew that fashion and jewelry from the 1860s-for both women and men-could be so inspiring and relevant today? From the dapper men's jackets and demure women's rosaries, jewelry and dresses to a gown that Scarlett O'Hara would definitely covet, there was always something to take in, so I'll go ahead and let the pictures speak for themselves.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year, New Bag! :)

Happy 2011 everyone!! It's a brand new year, but before I could ring in 2011, my mom, sister and I decided to have one last shopping trip to end 2010. I didn't need to buy much, but I knew that I could use a new black handbag since the one I had before was falling apart. In fact, my bag wouldn't even zip up because it carried so much stuff in it (my boyfriend likes to tease me on the regular for my "bag of goodies). I wasn't sure what to expect of my new handbag, but I knew I wanted it bigger, and initially I wanted to spend more money on it so it wouldn't fall apart as easily. While we were at the mall, my sister convinced me to go into New York and Company just for fun. I didn't expect to leave the store with anything....until I saw this gorgeous bag. It was exactly what I wanted and more: big, black, and with a huge dramatic flower covering the front of the bag. Better yet, I didn't have to shell out too much money for my new bag, as it was on sale for 60% off, and I only had to pay $11! Along with a pair of fabulous pearl earrings from NY &Co and two button-down shirts from H&M, this new handbag was the perfect last purchase of 2010 and the best way to ring in 2011. Two weeks later I am still absolutely in love with my bag, and there's nothing like a dramatic statement bag, even in simple and always stylish black, to inject new life into everyday wardrobe.