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Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year, New Bag! :)

Happy 2011 everyone!! It's a brand new year, but before I could ring in 2011, my mom, sister and I decided to have one last shopping trip to end 2010. I didn't need to buy much, but I knew that I could use a new black handbag since the one I had before was falling apart. In fact, my bag wouldn't even zip up because it carried so much stuff in it (my boyfriend likes to tease me on the regular for my "bag of goodies). I wasn't sure what to expect of my new handbag, but I knew I wanted it bigger, and initially I wanted to spend more money on it so it wouldn't fall apart as easily. While we were at the mall, my sister convinced me to go into New York and Company just for fun. I didn't expect to leave the store with anything....until I saw this gorgeous bag. It was exactly what I wanted and more: big, black, and with a huge dramatic flower covering the front of the bag. Better yet, I didn't have to shell out too much money for my new bag, as it was on sale for 60% off, and I only had to pay $11! Along with a pair of fabulous pearl earrings from NY &Co and two button-down shirts from H&M, this new handbag was the perfect last purchase of 2010 and the best way to ring in 2011. Two weeks later I am still absolutely in love with my bag, and there's nothing like a dramatic statement bag, even in simple and always stylish black, to inject new life into everyday wardrobe.

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