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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Birthday Weekend Series, Part 3: Adornments by Kamin

H&M LBD, Adornment by Kamin
There are many moments in my fashion history where I either wasn't expecting to get anything or was expecting to find something completely different from what I actually bought, and then I saw something so fabulous that I absolutely had to have it and almost forgot what I actually came for. This Thursday I had one of those moments at the least expected place: the first Farmers Market at CNU. I had originally intended to try out their organic bread and strawberries and the first thing I saw were these intricate fabric adornments that appeared to be flowers, feathers, etc. The gorgeous adornment pictured above is the one I chose out of a collection at Farmers Market, Adornments by Kamin. These one of a kind adornments are perfect for pinning on otherwise minimalist black dresses (such as the H&M LBD pictured above), or on plain t-shirts with jeans like I ended up doing 2 days in a row after buying it. For all you Kate Middleton-inspired fashionistas out there, adornments such as this one can be clipped on your hair or on a big hat as an homage to the upcoming Royal Wedding at the end of this month. For anyone looking to add a pop of color to a basic outfit or monochromatic look, look no further than the Adornments by Kamin. My adornment cost me about $20, and believe me, it's worth every penny. Check out her page on facebook or you can reach her at kamin.brown@gmail.com; as her business card says, she's happy to adorn you!

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  1. Correction: It's Adornments by Kamin, not Karin!! :)