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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Go Pink or Go Home

You're probably wondering: why is there a picture of hot pink flowers in a black and white photo....on a fashion blog? Well, first off, I love this picture obviously, but this actually started when the same good friend who introduced me to Old Gringo boots (see blog below) asked me what the hot nail polish color is for this month. After a meeting with my good friend Google, I came across an article on the Glamour magazine website that said this month's hot nail color is-wait for it-hot pink. And next thing I knew, I was on a pink rampage. For those who know me, you probably already have figured out that pink is my favorite color. My wall at home was painted pink, so of course it was my destiny to love pink. Going into my room at school, it's hard to find something in my room that isn't pink-pink bed, pink desk lamp, pink alarm clock, pink snuggie (yes, I have a snuggie, don't judge me), etc. Why pink, you ask? Other than the fact that pink is universally known as the quintessential girl's color, I really believe pink speaks to every aspect of my personality: joyful, open, energetic, bold, not afraid to speak my mind, and-you guessed it-fierce. Pink is also a very appropriate color for Valentine's Day this coming Monday, and its bright, fun attitude really makes me want spring and summer back stat. In short, Audrey Hepburn fearlessly proclaimed her belief in pink, and I am happy to join her as a pink believer.

Feel free to post your thoughts as well! What's your favorite color? What color do you believe in and how does it speak to you?

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