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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Old Gringo boots: Not for the Plain Janes

If you strictly prefer minimal shoes that stay mute, don't read the rest of this blog. Today, one of my really good friends sent me a picture of these incredibly cute floral cowboy boots. Where did they come from, you ask? These beauties come from Old Gringo, a family business straight out of Mexico. While these boots don't come cheap, you can splurge with a clear conscience since the workers who made these boots are paid very handsomely. And they should be, especially judging by all the little intricate details in every boot. I absolutely love the floral boots for spring, but these boots shown here are fabulous for fall as well. I'd recommend these boots for the daring, fearless bohemian, bold and not above taking risks. As the Spanish would say about these shoes, Que hermosas! :)

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