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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Need to know what to wear with the weather? There's an app for that.

If you're anything like me, you probably spend too much time on weather.com trying to plan your outfits for the day, or in my case for the whole week. You also probably get annoyed that weather.com seems to change its mind a lot on what the weather actually is, therefore throwing off whatever you planned on wearing. But fear not, weather-minded fashionistas, I finally found the answer to our prayers last night and its name is swackett.com. Swackett is slang for "sweater, jacket or coat" and true to its name, it features the weather (including Accuweather.com data feed for you weather junkies) and "peeps"(thoroughly crafted people symbols) who always appear appropriately dressed for the weather. For example, on a hot day like this you'll find the peeps in light clothes who even remember to bring sunscreen and a sun hat. To make the weather more entertaining, peeps can be dressed for the 1950s, the British Invasion, and even as characters from Star Trek. Swackett.com is available as an app for Macs and on Iphones and will soon run on an IPod Touch and an IPad, so you can get your weather and plan your outfit anywhere at any time. In short, swackett.com is the perfect solution for those of us with hectic schedules and a massive class and work load who need weather fast so we know what to wear, and it's a miracle for the style and weather-conscious.

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