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Friday, October 15, 2010

Jeggings: New Fashion Trend or Crime?

I definitely should have written this about two months ago, but here goes: So one day over the summer I was hanging out at the mall with my sister and I noticed that just about every store there (with the exception of H +M and Forever 21) was advertising jean leggings, denim leggings, or, simply, jeggings. As a fashion enthusiast and consumer I was curious about the new trend, so my sister and I decided that we would research this new trend the next time we came to the mall. And by research, I mean actually tried on this new fashion do, which was recently sported by Halle Berry. To accomplish this daunting task I took pictures at every store that had jeggings and then, the real test came: Levi's skinny jeans versus jeggings at Macy's. We decided to try both on to see, really, what the difference was between the two. After trying them both on we came to the following conclusion: jeggings are basically skinnier skinny jeans. They may be called jean leggings, but here's my take: Leggings are far more comfortable and breathable than jeans, so it makes no sense to call them "jean leggings". Instead, jeggings should really be superskinny jeans squared (apparently superskinny was already taken). So unless you have a lot of guts and are very, very thin, my advice on jeggings: Proceed with caution.

Here are some pictures of our jegging escapade, along with a consolation prize of cheesecake afterward:


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